We lock doors, front doors and backdoors 

to safeguard all that we worked hard for 

Making the money and paying the taxes 

To pay for the safety of all ages and sexes

That's to say

You gotta behave in this way that we say is the way to behave in this day in age

You gotta act your age, swallow your rage, carry the weight of the mess that you made

It's too late, to question our authority

Fuck the minority, majority is king

Our religion ends where your common sense begins

Only you

Am I alone in feeling alienated

I no longer feel appreciated

Nor do I wanna be associated with clowns that mark all alternative sounds as x-rated

Are you kidding, we ain't sinning

Forgetting about those that don't fit in, that's sinning

Your democracy is like an exclusive club I can't get in

Or do I need a pass that says that I like to kiss ass and adjust to rest

And that I really like the job, the house, the car and the kids that I have

Or should I pledge that I'm at my best blending in with the rest

And that I'll deny all my sins and my youth and my past

Only you, Only you can

Only you can prove, it's not me

In this idiocracy, you got a lot of ignorant fucks that you meet

On the train, on the street, who think their chosen to be the spokesman of something bigger than me

But their thicker than me, sicker than me

You think you know what's best for me, better than me

They just wanna cut of my balls because they ain't got any

Take back your leash and put it back around your neck for me

Only you

Only you

Only you

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